Take your business beyond the border. Your clients deserve the best learning experience in Canada that you offer.


VES doesn't require any investment to become an international satellite campus. Any qualified institution outside of Canada can apply. VES provides training and consultation free of charge for potential business partners.


VES provides all partners an easy-to-use online learning platform with instant access to Canadian certified high school teachers. This includes unlimited live support for any online Math or Science course, writing support for eligible courses with significant writing components, and support for select specialty courses on behalf of satellite campuses.


Students at VES can transfer to the main campus in Toronto, Canada before any official starting dates.


VES teachers are all certified by the Ontario College of Teachers or otherwise qualified subject experts.


VES offers flexible and individualized courses. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and create their own work schedules. It allows our business partner to build their own collaborative program for international students.


Administrative Support from 8:30 am-5pm (Eastern Time) to support satellite campuses. Marks directly sent to OUAC, OCAS, and Day School.

Supporting Our Global Branch Campus Operations

At VES School, we're committed to ensuring our Global Branch Campuses (GBCs) operate seamlessly, mirroring the educational excellence of our Canadian main campus. Our advanced Learning Management System (LMS) plays a pivotal role in this, offering comprehensive support and facilitating collaboration between GBC teachers and our main campus educators in Canada.


Pre-Session Preparation

Before each session begins, GBC assisting teachers undergo specialized training to familiarize themselves with the course content, ensuring they're well-prepared to support students effectively.


Real-Time Support During Sessions

Throughout the session, we offer real-time support to our GBC teachers. This includes both in-person guidance and AI-driven assistance, readily available via WhatsApp, to address any immediate teaching or learning needs.


End-of-Session Coordination

As a session concludes, main teachers in Canada and GBC assisting teachers collaborate to administer final exams and manage other essential record-keeping tasks, ensuring a consistent and rigorous assessment process.


Integrated Administrative Support

Our proprietary Student Information System (SIS), integrated with the LMS, streamlines all necessary administrative tasks. This integration allows for efficient management of academic records, attendance, and other critical administrative functions.


Parental Involvement

To keep parents and guardians engaged and informed, we provide access to a dedicated app that allows them to monitor their child's academic progress closely. This transparency ensures that families are always connected to the educational journey.


Our fully integrated support system is designed to empower our Global Branch Campuses to deliver an educational experience that is on par with our Canadian operations, ensuring consistency, quality, and excellence in every aspect of the learning experience.


We welcome you to join us!


We invite you to join us as an international satellite campus.

Excellent graduate profiles

Our primary focus is to enhance academic achievement to prepare all students for university and beyond. For example, as a testament to our unique teaching methods and strategies, 96% of our students go on to post-secondary education, with 94% receiving their first-choice of school. In addition, 81% of students received either a partial or full scholarship to post-secondary education.

Explore Our Esteemed Canadian Campuses

VES School partners with Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (MPA) and Century Private School, blending traditional excellence with modern virtual learning. MPA, our upper school for grades 9-12, is known for its strong academic foundation and vibrant student life. Century Private School, catering to K-8, focuses on holistic education, nurturing young minds for future success.

Together, these partnerships allow VES School to offer a distinguished Canadian education, accessible globally through our virtual platform. Experience the best of both worlds: traditional Canadian schooling and flexible online learning.

Join our community of excellence today.

Global Branch Campus Summer/Winter Camps

Dive into a world of multicultural experiences at our Summer and Winter Camps, held at our Global Branch Campuses. These camps offer a unique blend of academic enrichment and cultural immersion, allowing students to explore new cultures, make international friends, and enjoy a variety of fun activities under the guidance of experienced educators. Join us to celebrate diversity, learn in a dynamic environment, and create memories that last a lifetime during your summer and winter breaks.

     Multicultural Immersion

     Academic Enrichment and Fun

     Global Friendships

     Professional Guidance

Our agents receive competitive marketing supports for students attending our Toronto campus or studying online through virtual extension school.

It has never been easier to work with school in Canada directly. We provide online meetings in Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

VES Canada supports

VES Canada provides ongoing supports to our global branch campus to accommodate students

  • Real-time online counselling service for students and families
  • ESL placement test should be done during the counseling session
  • Scheduled live training service for global branch campus 
Free Academic Counselling Service
Global Branch Campus
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Initial Application

Pay for registration fee ($200 CAD) and PLAR assessment fee ($100 CAD), totaling $300 CAD for initial application

Enrollment Step #2 

*PLAR assessment should include online ESL placement test

** Please note that applicants simply need to pay the registration fee and PLAR assessment fee first. Upon completion of the registration and PLAR assessment, an invoice will be generated based on the unique needs of the student.

Registration Form

Fill out the registration form and upload all required documents

Enrollment Step #3

Please provide a recent photo, academic record / transcripts, copy of passport or government-issued photo ID

Customized Study Plan

Admission team will contact the customer and assist in completing enrollment (select courses according to the customized study plan)

Meeting with our admission team

Tuition Fee Payment

Download invoice and make a wire transfer to complete payment

*Please add $50 CAD bank fee and indicate the student full name and date of birth

Main Campus in Canada
Enrollment verification

Enrollment verification letter, Student ID, Academic Opinion (Summary of individual study plan  - courses and AST study plan) will be issued.

Main Campus in Canada

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