Specially designed for international high school students who are currently taking the DHSD program.

How does AST works

1:1 sessions, Individualized Real-time Online Tutorials

Academic English

  • Students are provided with lessons to improve their English according to their intellectual capacity.
  • Students are trained to improve their vocabulary through weekly quizzes.
  • Students are assigned literature books to improve their reading comprehension skills by completing various reading activities.

Homework Help

  • Students are provided with customized lessons based on their course curriculum.
  • Once students complete their assignments, they can request their tutors to proofread their work or ask for feedback.
  • The feedback is reviewed together to ensure students’ satisfaction.

Test Preparation

  • Students review materials for tests with tutors to ensure they receive good grades.
  • Students feel more confident by preparing for tests and writing mock tests with our expert tutors.


The After School Online Tutoring program offers flexible, comprehensive tutoring sessions tailored to each student’s needs to encourage ongoing learning outside of regular school classes. It is ideal for students who wish to advance in their academics and improve their grades with the help of expert tutors. In addition to giving lessons, our tutors closely monitor and track students’ individual progress to provide the highest level of support.

1:1 sessions, Individualized Real-time Online Tutorials

OPTION 1 –  1 hour per week, a total of 8 weeks (total 8 hours), Tutorial Fee: $400 CAD / 1 credit

OPTION 2 –  2 hours per week, a total of 8 weeks (16 hours), Tutorial Fee: $800 CAD / 1 credit

Tutoring is provided for all Ontario high school courses offered by VES to students who need extra help on daily assignments or have problems in a particular subject area. In these sessions, students receive one on one instruction, work at their own pace and are taught according to their individual learning styles and need.

If interested in our tutoring services, simply complete the After School Tutorial Request Form and submit. Our academic coordinator will contact you within 24 hours.

When students need assistance, they upload a file, description, or image of the lesson or assignment to the chatbox. Tutors will help students with any questions they have about the topic of study, but they do not provide students with answers. All sessions are saved on the student’s personal dashboard and monitored by our partner institutions. Students will not be permitted to utilize the tutoring service during the final exam.