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Introduction to Business, Open (BBI2O) Course Outline

Order of Assessments



Supply and Demand Assignment


International Business Assignment


Olive Oil Business Assignment


Management Skills Assignment


Analyzing Financial Statements Assignment


Marketing, Information and Communication Technology Assignment


Canadian Entrepreneur Profile Assignment


Investment Assignment


Financial Planning Assignment


ISU Final Culminating Task


Units of Study

Unit 1 – Business Fundamentals (~30 hours)

Students will learn what is a business, the role of the consumer, starting a business, economic resources, demand, supply, and price, forms of business ownership, steps involved in going into business, international business structures, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, international business, flow of goods and services, international trade agreements, and the future of international trade.

Weighting of summative work (subject to change):

Supply and Demand Assignment (7.78%), International Business Assignment (7.78%), Olive Oil Business Assignment (7.78%)

Unit 2 – Functions of a Business (~35 hours)

Students will learn about the factors of production, the production process, improving productivity, functions of human resources management, key employability skills, business careers, rights in the workplace, how management functions, managing resources, leadership styles, ethical behaviour and management, teamwork in companies, the role and impact of marketing, marketing concepts, advertising, marketing research, basic accounting concepts, and preparing financial statements.

Weighting of summative work (subject to change):

Management Skills Assignment (7.78%), Analyzing Financial Statements Assignment (7.78%), Marketing, Information and Communication Technology Assignment (7.78%)

Unit 3 – Entrepreneurship (~10 hours)

Students will learn about entrepreneurial characteristics, entrepreneurial skills, Canadian entrepreneurs, venture evaluation criteria, entrepreneurial opportunities, Canadian inventions, and the impacts of innovation.

Weighting of summative work (subject to change):

Canadian Entrepreneur Profile Assignment (7.78%)

Unit 4 – Finance (~35 hours)

Students will learn about money, income, managing money for personal and business use, spending money, budgeting, financial institutions, accounts, cheques, online banks, financial services, saving, investing, and credit.

Weighting of summative work (subject to change):

Investment Assignment (7.78%), Financial Planning Assignment (7.78%)

End-of-Course Task: ISU Final Culminating Task (30.0%)

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