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Read the following paragraph written by a student, titled “Mr.Mom” and consider the questions after.

Mr. Mom

As little as 2 generations ago, most people could not imagine a family made up of a working mother and a stay-at-home father. Although this type of family is still not as common as the traditional family, more and more fathers are choosing to stay home nowadays. There are 3 advantages to having a stay-at-home father. First of all, fathers have a greater chance of bonding with their children if they stay home. Because mothers carry their babies for 9 months, they have a more natural bond with their children, but fathers need to spend more time and participate in activities with their children to have the same kind of connection. The second advantage to having a stay-at-home father is it teaches men that showing your children love is one of the most masculine things a man can do. This can have a very positive effect on sons especially, who are often misguided into thinking that a man cannot be caring and affectionate. As a result, boys will grow up to be more compassionate individuals. Finally, stay-at-home fathers can gain a greater appreciation for what women have been doing for so long. Unfortunately, most men simply do not understand how much work it is to stay home and raise a family. However, if the roles are reversed, men will come to understand that being a stay-at-home father requires them to learn how to run a household which is several jobs in one. In conclusion, there are 3 advantages to having a stay-at-home father, and I think that in the future we may see more and more Mr. Moms.

  1. What is the Topic of the Essay?
  2. What is the Main Idea/Thesis of the Essay?
  3. What are the Supporting Points of the Essay?
  4. How many Supporting Points are there?
  5. What details /examples are used to illustrate/explain/prove each Supporting Point?
  6. What Signal/Transition Words can you find in the Essay?
  7. Which sentence is the Concluding sentence?
  8. How could this Essay Paragraph be improved? Are the thesis and the supporting arguments in this essay paragraph clear? Could they be made better clearer? Αre the transition word used effective enough? How could they be changed and improved? Rewrite this paragraph in better essay paragraph form.
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