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Course Outline and Introduction
This is what is to be covered in this course.
McGraw-Hill Ryerson (2008) Textbook
This contains the PDF version of the textbook.
Unit 1 – Characteristics of Functions
Students will demonstrate an understanding of average and instantaneous rate of change; determine functions that result from the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of two functions; and compare the characteristics of functions.
Unit 2 – Polynomial and Rational Functions
Students will learn to identify and describe some key features of polynomial functions and rational functions, solve problems involving polynomial and rational equations, and demonstrate an understanding of solving polynomial and simple rational inequalities.
Unit 3 – Trigonometric Functions
Students will learn to demonstrate an understanding of the meaning and application of radian measure; make connections between trigonometric ratios and the graphical and algebraic representations of the corresponding trigonometric functions and between trigonometric functions and their reciprocals, and use these connections to solve problems; and solve problems involving trigonometric equations and prove trigonometric identities.
Unit 4 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Students will learn to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between exponential expressions and logarithmic expressions, evaluate logarithms, and apply the laws of logarithms to simplify numeric expressions; identify and describe some key features of the graphs of logarithmic functions, make connections among the numeric, graphical, and algebraic representations of logarithmic functions, and solve related problems graphically; and solve exponential and simple logarithmic equations in one variable algebraically, including in problems arising from real-world applications.
End-of-Course Tasks and Miscellaneous Assessments
Students will complete an ISU assignment and the final exam by the end of the course. Miscellaneous assessments are also included here.
MHF4U – Advanced Functions
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