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2.0.1. Learning Goals – Video

Introduction/Overview (15 hours)

In this Unit, you will review different types of short stories and the elements of a short story, in addition to how to do and fill in a plot mountain for a short story. You will read and analyze a Sherlock Holmes mystery story and write an effective summary of it, and you will also develop, write and publish your own mystery short story. Finally, you will demonstrate your learning and understanding of this unit by successfully writing and completing a short story quiz.

Skills/Knowledge Developed/Acquired:

  • Reading for Meaning
  • Sentence/Word Inferencing
  • Paraphrasing
  • Synthesizing/Summarizing
  • Story and Character/Plot Analysis
  • The Writing Process
  • Self/Peer/Teacher Editing
  • Revising/Drafting
  • Repetition/Recall/Memorization


Curriculum/Concepts Developed/Acquired

    • Elements of a Short Story
    • Facts of “A Case of Identify”
    • Plot Mountain Diagram of “A Case of Identity”
    • Setting and Characters in “A Case of Identity”
    • Elements of A Mystery Story
    • Mystery Vocabulary and Structure



1. “A Case of Identity” Summary (Plot/Character Analysis) 5%

2. Original Mystery Short Story 10%

3. Summative: Short Stories Unit Quiz 5%

0% Complete