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3.0.1. Learning Goals

Introduction/Overview (25 hours)

In this Unit, you will read and analyze a dystopian novel and work of fiction, Animal Farm. While reading, you will keep chapter summaries/notes, define and keep track of new or key terms/vocabulary, watch review videos, and answer review comprehension questions. For assessment, you create and present a PPT on the central characters in the novel and complete and submit a journal response entry on a novel theme question. Finally, you will demonstrate your learning and understanding of this novel and unit by successfully writing and completing a unit quiz.


Skills/Knowledge Developed/Acquired:

Reading for Meaning

Sentence/Word Inferencing



Story and Character/Plot Analysis

Major Themes Analysis

The Writing Process

Self/Peer/Teacher Editing



Curriculum/Concepts Developed/Acquired:

Animal Farm Novel Study

Facts/Key Events in 1984

Genre/Key Themes in 1984

Key Concepts/Terms in 1984

Political/Ideological Significance of 1984

Relevance/Importance of 1984


1. Animal Farm Character PPT Presentation 10%
2. Animal Farm Journal Response 5%
3. Summative: Animal Farm Unit Quiz 5%

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