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4.0.1. Learning Goals

Introduction/Overview (15 hours)

In this unit, you will review/learn about fact, bias and opinion and the different parts of an ad. You will read and analyze different ads before creating your own original ad. Finally, you will demonstrate your learning and understanding of this unit by successfully writing and completing a media quiz.

Skills/Knowledge Developed/Acquired:

Understanding Mixed Media
The Media Triangle: Text, Reader, Meaning Production
Understanding Mixed Media Ads
Analyzing Mixed Media Ads

The Mixed Media Writing/Production Process
Originality, Creativity
Designing, Formatting
Self/Peer/Teacher Editing
Final Production/Publication

Curriculum/Concepts Developed/Acquired:

Mixed Media Literacy
Facts, Bias and Opinion
Elements of Ad
Mixed Media Creation


1. Original Magazine Ad Creation 5%
2. Summative: Media Unit Quiz 5%

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