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Elementary School

The elementary program at Century is centred on the goal of inspiring excellence. With an enriched curriculum and a focus on leadership, character development, and community service, our dedicated teachers provide support and engagement as students strive to achieve academic success and personal and social growth.

We believe that specialists are important to our success. With specialists in French, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and Physical Education, and from grades 5 to 8 in Math, Language, Science and Social Studies, Century offers teachers who provide unique expertise in their fields. In addition to our commitment to core subjects, Century also celebrates the Arts. By updating our Music room and Drama Studio, we are continuing to take steps to encourage and nurture the creative disciplines.

Our Campus

Century is housed in a historic landmark (circa 1922), rich in tradition and connections to the Town of Richmond Hill. Our updated facility boasts bright classrooms, small class sizes, and an integrated and enriched curriculum encompassing the Montessori method of education up to age six (6), followed by an enriched version of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, to grade twelve (12). The Montessori Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary campus, co-founded in 1994, is now located in the Loyal True Blue and Orange Home in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Century Private School is home to students


High School

Metro Prep Academy (MPA), functioning as an Upper School, was founded on the principle that educators with the right attitude can significantly impact students' lives. The school prides itself on nurturing the whole individual, fostering personal relationships with both students and their families to support comprehensive development.

MPA offers academic and open level courses for grades 9 and 10, while seniors have access to university preparation and university/college preparation courses, aligning with standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Graduates receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, marking their readiness for higher education.

The school emphasizes academic rigor, preparing students for university success through a structured program that highlights academic excellence. MPA stresses the importance of organizational skills and the cultivation of effective work and study habits. Additionally, the school actively promotes teacher-parent communication to create an optimal learning environment tailored to each student's needs.

LSA - LeRêve

Unleashing Creative Potential: The VES-LSA Integrated Academic and Art Portfolio Program

VES School collaborates with LSA to offer an integrated curriculum that combines rigorous academics with a specialized Art & Design portfolio preparation program. Students have the unique opportunity to earn their OSSD from VES while simultaneously developing a comprehensive Art & Design portfolio through LSA. Our TOTAL program tackles the challenges of maintaining a high GPA, achieving English proficiency, and portfolio creation, enabling students to excel in all facets.

This collaborative approach allows students to aim for prestigious art colleges and universities worldwide, emphasizing portfolio development with a balanced focus on academic achievements. VES and LSA together foster an environment that encourages creativity, offers opportunities for artistic exploration, and nurtures core values and independence. We support each student's unique dreams, making our integrated program the ideal setting for young artists to flourish and shape their futures.

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Century Private School (K - 9) Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (9-12) Experience traditional education at our Canadian campuses with credits accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. All credits are transferable, offering flexibility and wide recognition.


International Branch Campus Model (K-12) Engage in a blend of in-person classes at our global branch campuses with the support of our online resources. We are offering OSSD with AP courses and various elective courses. Get the same classroom experience from the comfort of your school with our new method of studying at Global Branch Campuses.


Global VES Branch Campus (7-12)Benefit from a fully online program led by Canadian teachers, offering personalized guidance and support. Multilingual tutorial services accompany our online synchronous classes, ensuring a comprehensive and professional learning experience.


Fully Online Self-Study Model (9 - 12)This study model is exclusively available to students who meet our qualifications and have completed ESL prerequisites. It provides the advantage of self-directed online learning, enabling students to independently leverage our vast digital resources. Embrace the opportunity to learn at your own pace, supported by our main campus educators via our sophisticated LMS platform.

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